Daintree Enterprise Wireless Controls | Current by GE

Daintree Enterprise offers the leading open wireless controls solution which delivers dramatic energy savings and operational efficiency improvements in a simpler, more cost-effective way than ever before. Daintree helps smart buildings run more efficiently and with increased productivity while also providing a platform for the Internet of Things.

With Daintree Enterprise you can:

  • Manage a portfolio of smart buildings that run on auto-pilot
  • Reduce operating expenses
  • Increase occupant comfort and productivity
  • Facilitate big data mining for analytic insights
  • Provide a platform for exciting new IoT business applications

Current powered by GE developed Lumination Control Accessory (LCA) kits allow customers to achieve any of the three Daintree Wireless control options, Daintree One, Daintree EZ Connect and Daintree Enterprise even if an existing GE fixture is already installed or using a non-GE fixture that does not have the Daintree embedded sensors.

  • An embedded networked device that manages the wireless communications and delivers intelligent local control for switches, sensors, ballasts/drivers, thermostats, and other end-points.
  • Delivers an easy-to-use web-based graphical interface for energy management, building control, and system configuration from any location.
  • Deployed on-premise or in the Cloud, provides coordination via standard IP networking when multiple WACs are deployed in a system, allowing the system to scale to many hundreds and thousands of devices across a distributed enterprise. The SC hosts the web-based software application and also interfaces to Building Management Systems (BMS) via BACnet.
  • Provides the option to add wireless connectivity to existing wired devices such as ballasts/drivers, switches and sensors, allowing them to communicate within the wireless network.
  • Designed with a built-in radio to communicate directly with other wireless devices and the WAC without the need for wireless adapters.
  • Enables quick and easy set-up of the overall system.

Wireless HVAC Controls: Wireless commercial programmable thermostat connecting single or multistage conventional or heat pump HVAC system and providing automatic temperature control.

Facility managers can set automated and manual control strategies through the Daintree Enterprise software. Set-up is simple, and making changes is simpler: it’s all done through the application, with full management of multiple facilities from any Web browser. The result is the most flexible, powerful and cost-effective networked wireless solution addressing multiple key building energy applications.

The Daintree Enterprise provides full-featured commercial lighting control for both fluorescent and LED lighting products, as well as programmable thermostat automation and plug-load control and control of many other sensors and devices from fans to water heaters, air compressors, refrigeration and much more.

  • Enables powerful energy-saving control strategies
    Including scheduling, temperature, occupancy, daylighting, task tuning, lumen maintenance and load shedding.
  • Simplifies communications by eliminating control wiring
    which reduces much of the expense, complexity, and disruption of a wired system.
  • Delivers maximum energy-saving control strategies to retrofits
    and other spaces considered inaccessible or impractical with wired technology.
  • Reduces the expense and complexity of commissioning
    through the use of our patented Intelligent Auto-Commissioning techniques.
  • Delivers real-time, measurable information
    about usage, creating new methods to manage energy use and demand as well as verify savings.
  • Integrates with Demand Response/Demand Management programs
    through OpenADR, automatically shedding load in response to Utility signals.
  • Simple and intuitive web-based user interface
    putting control in the hands of facility managers for energy management, which is accessible from any remote location.
  • Scales easily from a single office to system-wide control
    of thousands of devices across a distributed enterprise.
  • Uses a reliable ZigBee mesh network:
    the leading standard for wireless building control systems.
  • Provides choice of interoperable building sensors and devices
    from trusted suppliers.
  • Easily integrates with Building Management Systems (BMS)
    via a BACnet interface.
  • Pervasive Metering
    enables the use of standard metering with ControlScope, to reduce total costs of a combined lighting and metering system.
  • Helps buildings comply with green building regulations and guidelines
    (such as LEED) and qualify for utility and government rebates.