Medreich Warehouse Saves with LED

Medreich, a fully integrated pharmaceutical company involved in the manufacturing and marketing of a range of preparations in various dosage forms, was looking for a state-of-the-art lighting solution for its warehouse in Bengaluru, India. The warehouse, unmanned and robotically operated, needed appropriately designed lighting. When warehouse applications have racks, vertical foot-candles must be appropriately designed as they plays an important role in identifying the goods and performing labeling activities.


The Expectation

With an unmanned, robotically operated warehouse, high vibrations cause lights to easily break. Therefore, a rugged lighting solution with long-rated lifetimes was determined to be ideal for the space.


The Solution

It didn’t take long for Medreich to be impressed with GE’s Albeo lighting solution. Medreich selected the GE Albeo LED high bay fixtures for two reasons. The fixtures can be matched with precision lenses to more efficiently deliver the right amount of light right where it’s needed, which helped to achieve the vertical foot-candle requirement. Secondly, Albeo’s rugged construction is highly resistant to vibration and includes no glass components that can break.


Results & Benefits

The Albeo LED high bay lighting can significantly diminish maintenance needs due to the rated 100,000-hour life, especially in the difficult-to-reach areas (ceiling height of 103.3 ft.), where swapping bulbs requires special equipment and trained personnel. 

Apart from improving safety, Albeo’s uniform light distribution and an improved Scotopic to Photopic (S/P) ratio helped enhance the light quality, thus creating an aesthetically pleasing and a safe environment.